To Conclude this project i’m thoroughly happy with the outcome of all my videos and website production considering the diverse weather and locations that I chose to film in. I feel that I have learnt a lot about the planning of short films such as these, like the importance of storyboarding no matter how little you think you can plan for documentary/on the go style videos such as these. I have also given myself a good base to start my professional career upon with a clean and smart looking website that should depict my ability to create and produce projects like this and I have really enjoyed this process of establishing and developing film ideas.

Post production and processes (Kite surfing)

What happened?

So I managed to film some kite surfing which I have been ecstatic about as the original guy who i was supposed to be filming, just wasn’t available any of the time that i was. He then ended up leaving his job, which meant he moved back to Wales and just caused the whole thing to fall apart so I was left with three videos and just wasn’t enough for what I was trying to do.

My first port of call was to contact local businesses and see if any of them would be interested (this was originally my plan, before i found my other contact). I sent some emails off to three kitesurfing companies based in Poole.

Hydr8 board sports

Easy Riders Kite boarding

The WaterSports Academy

I got some really quick responses from Easy riders and the Academy both welcoming me to come along and film them. The next few days had some gale force winds due and couldn’t have been better timing.

My contact was Chris down at the watersports academy and he advised me that as the winds were so high they would’nt be training anyone and were more than likely going out for a staff session in the afternoon. When I arrived they put me in contact wit ha guy named Greg who was already out in the water and flagged him down to come have a chat, and was pleased to help. He said that he would be out all day the next day as well so i treated this as an exercise to practise filming in some really extreme wind. Which I was pleased I did, the first day we were out was on the beachfront with onshore howling winds and with a zoom lens on the camera trying to capture the action from far away it was virtually impossible to stabalise the camera well so it needed constant holding to keep the picture from being completely shaken out. It was a good little tester for the afternoon and was excited to get going the next day and strap up the GoPro.


The music for this shoot was one of the hardest to choose for, as this wasn’t really going to be completely stunt orientated video i wanted to play with the idea of the kite gliding around in the sky and try and make this the opening shots for the kite surfing.

I searched for so long trying to find music and found these two:

Which I tried to work with countless times and it just didn’t the way i had pictured the video going. As i wanted to try and create an elegant flow with the movement of the kite gliding through the sky the two i’d chosen didn’t really emphasise the grace in which it did it. so after much deliberating I settled on using this song by Polica, a really great fairly new up and coming indie band:

This song just had everything i wanted with an upbeat bassline but ambient vocals that carried these types of shots that I was putting together.


With a few new fonts already found I was fairly sure already which one i  wanted to use which as it uses lines that I thought resembled the guide lines on the kite used for surfing.

I also wanted to add a small animation, something i had been thinking about previously that tried to emphasise the wind and background music. so i put together this animation that you can see below, but when I actually used it in the video it just didn’t look right.

I really like the animation and idea but I had to cut it out, purely because it just didn’t fit with the video and timing.


The sound is a big part of the beginning of this video as I wanted to try and press upon the viewer the real ferocity and force of the wind that you get standing on the beach watching the surfers. so I used the sound just taken from the DSLR and although it isn’t recorded from an external mic, it does exactly what i want it to. By raising the volume towards the end it really builds up pressure with the clanging of the sail ropes against the mast and works well i think. If this had been recorded with a boom mic it would have reduced the intensity that I wanted to bring to the beginning clips.


I didn’t want to heavily stylise the video with over the top colour but with the types of video’s I like to watch high volumes of colour is always present so I really just made minute adjustments to the curves and levels of the picture until I got this red/blue have which gave the picture a nice bit of difference to it than what you would normally see. One point in particular i wanted to try and depict with colour the ever changing weather conditions and blowy skies. I think this just adds a bit of fun to the edit and keeps the viewers guessing for what is going to happen next. it also works in synchrony with the music, and adding elements like this that plays with the beat and tempo pulls the two together. I also tried to do this with the start of the vocals attaching to the dancing of the kite in the sky, the sythny and ambient voice works really well with this part pictured below and pulls this first part of the film together.